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Using Analytics to get real feedback on your site's health

All websites iSonic build and host include the extremely powerful and detailed website tracking platform - Google Analytics. For anyone that has had a look at their website stats for longer than a minute or two will know that the amount of data that is collected and given to you as a website owner is expansive and detailed - something that only the web, as a marketing platform, is able to offer.

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4 ways to build credibility & promote growth

Especially true in service-based businesses, the way to a customer's heart is by building credibility and promoting a culture of growth within your business.

There are many discussions, books and blogs on this topic, but to keep things simple we have got 4 easy to implement ideas that we use ourselves, which will help your business growing organically. These are certainly not new ideas, but are a good foundation to any business.

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Take your website to your contacts with email marketing

Your existing customers are at the heart of your business success. Today, customer retention is the new acquisition.

Communication is the key to any good relationship and at iSonic we believe email marketing is an effective tool to earn repeat customers.

Email marketing helps you identify clients who are open to doing business again and keeps you in touch with your client base.

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