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5 Star Google Reviews

Experts in analytical website data

5 Star Google Reviews

Experts in analytical website data

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We have created a 30-point checklist that we use to audit all websites. Broken down into 3 main tiers, we dive into the most important technical aspects of your website.

You’ll get an honest analysis of your site and recommendations to “fix” what might need improvement. This will give you the information you need to transform your website into an efficient, lead-generating tool for your business.

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Our 3 Main Tiers

Performance & Speed

Running multiple speed tests of your site
Examining page performance
Cross-checking site speed on all devices
Checking for SEO on the site

Design & Flow

Reviewing the website design and page layout
Branding design and culture continuity
Reviewing page navigations and menu structure
Reviewing mobile optimisation on all devices

Conversion Rate & Usability

Checking all pages for broken links
Analysing the sales journey
Reviewing the ‘call to action’ on your site
Review your conversion opportunities

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