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Gain control over your email and files with the world’s biggest cloud network.

Moving from your existing mail provider to G Suite can be an easy decision to make, but a hard one to implement. Email is the life blood of any organisation in today’s connected world, so having an outage during migrations because a box wasn’t ticked or a DNS entry was wrongly entered can mean all sorts of issues around productivity, communication and deliverability of your service.

That is why many businesses have chosen to use iSonic as their G Suite migration service to get them from point A to B avoiding the pitfalls along the way.

When working with iSonic you can expect to be dealing with a migration expert during the entire progress, have no-downtime between email migrations, an individual support for all of your team during the migration to make sure nothing is missed and they are equipped to do their job both during and after the migration is completed.

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What can be migrated to G Suite?

Google mail for business has the ability to house a whole host of different information.
It is important you select the right items for you.

   Email Mailboxes

Migrate your emails, folders and attachments from IMAP, POP, Gmail and Exchange with iSonic. We cover the following items when we migrate your user email mailboxes.

  • User accounts and passwords
  • Emails
  • Recent contacts
  • Full contacts list
  • Email Archives
  • Outlook PST Importer
  • Calendar(s)
  • Attachments
  • Tasks
  • Aliases and forwarders

 Files and Folders

Google Drive is a great cloud platform to get your important company files off your local machine and into the cloud. They are secure and backed up every moment they are updated. In addition there are some great retention settings and undelete features at your disposal.

  • Files
  • Folders
  • Desktop sync setup
  • Shared files
  • Structure support