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Builder Website Design

5 Things Your Homebuilder Website Must Include

Most websites have many of the same elements: a home page, a produces and/or services page, an about page, and a contact page. However, no two websites look exactly alike or need the same setup for their information. If you’re a homebuilder, your website not only needs to convey information but also paint a picture of the beauty and functionality of your homes. To create a successful website that aptly markets your abilities, you’ll need to include these elements in your builder website design.

1. A Mobile-Friendly Design

Research shows that more than half of people look for local contractors when they’re on the go, which means you website needs to look good on smartphones and tablets. If you create a responsive web design, it will automatically contract or expand to fit on any screen comfortably. Fast-loading images and short paragraphs will further ensure your builder website design is easy to read and navigate on any device.

2. A List of Pricing Options

While it’s true that you can’t wholly determine how much it will cost to build someone’s house without talking to them first, you shouldn’t leave potential clients totally in the dark. Including a list of your base prices in your builder website design helps customers to compare prices and shows them that you’re transparent in your business dealings. This saves you time as well. Consider how many calls you may field from people who decide your prices don’t fit within their budgets. Cutting out those calls leaves you free to work with clients who already accepted your pricing.

3. A Portfolio

Which homes have you already built in your community? Include photographs of them in your builder website design. Hire a professional photographer to capture your new builds inside and out, focusing on the functionality of common spaces, special detailing, and high-quality lighting. Showing how a house can become a home helps potential buyers to establish an emotional connection to your work and makes it more likely that they’ll want to break ground with your company.

Click here to check out our portfolio for some inspiration.

4. A List of Your Floor Plans

As important as photographs are, your builder website design needs a section dedicated to your floor plans as well. Photographs evoke emotion, but floor plans show potential homebuyers how your builds create a cohesive flow. Well-designed plans help people to imagine how they might watch the kids play in the living room while they cook dinner or determine which room would work well as a nursery for a new baby. If you are responsible for creating the entire lot, create site plans as well. Showing the functionality of the yard and landscaping provides the homebuyers with an idea of whether they can build a deck, add a swimming pool, or have enough space for kids and pets to run and play.

5. A Lead-Capturing Contact Form

Between work, school, and other responsibilities, many potential customers don’t have time to make multiple phone calls. A contact form in your builder website design is an excellent alternative that helps you capture the information you need, so you can call interested parties at times that are convenient for them. Your form should ask for the potential client’s name, phone number, and email address, as well as offer a comment section where they can provide a bit of information about what they hope to find in a home. You might consider offering to correspond only via email as well, as this could be easier for some people.

Finally, be sure that your website has a strong footer. The footer provides information at the bottom of the page. By ensuring your company’s name, business address, phone number, and email address are on every page, you make it more likely that potential clients will decide to contact you. Remember, your website reflects upon your business. If it isn’t up to industry standards, people may assume your construction work isn’t, either. Creating a better builder website design now could mean more contracts later.


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