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Creating a New Page

Create a new page to access the page builder.

If you are new to YOOtheme Pro, these guidelines will help you understand the basics of working with our powerful theme and page builder. Learn where to access YOOtheme Pro, add new YOOtheme Pro pages and open the page builder without permission to edit theme settings.

Add a new page by clicking Pages → Add New and click the YOOtheme Builder button in the toolbar to the left. The YOOtheme Pro page builder will open in the WordPress customizer. If the page hasn't been saved before, a new draft page will automatically be created.

YOOtheme Pro pages are labeled with — YOOtheme. Editing a YOOtheme page opens the classic WordPress page editor view. The editor is blanked out and the YOOtheme Builder button is shown to access the page builder.

Access Builder Through Customizer

Once a YOOtheme Pro page is created, it can also be accessed when using the WordPress customizer. Just browse to the specific page in the right preview and then click Builder in the customizer sidebar.


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