Afterpay update causing eCommerce payment problems.

Do you know if Afterpay payments are still working on your website?

A number of our clients have had troubles with the Afterpay payment gateway on their eCommerce website following a major update.

Since the Afterpay update, many admins have been scrambling to make sure Afterpay is actively working on their site. As a preferred payment method for many, it’s important to check your site is up-to-date, test your checkout, update to the new Afterpay payment gateway and remove the legacy gateway.

How do I check if my Afterpay is working?

A quick way to test if the Afterpay integration is working is by going through the checkout process on your site and trying to pay with Afterpay. Please note, even if the legacy gateway is currently working, after 31 March 2022 the old gateway will no longer work.

What happens if I don’t update my old gateway integration?

If you don’t update to the new integration, Afterpay will disappear as a payment option for your shoppers. This is scheduled to take effect after 31 March 2022.

How do I fix this?

There are a few steps involved but if you have any issues, the iSonic team have got your back!

We can update the Afterpay gateway and remove the legacy Afterpay payment gateway for you. We’ll also test the eCommerce environment and make sure everything is working A-OK!

Contact our support team on 1300 924 356 or email

I don’t offer Afterpay as a payment method yet, but would love to!

Good thinking 99! We definitely recommend using Afterpay as a payment option on your website. You can create a merchant account here:

Let us know when your merchant account is created and we can help to set up the integration.

For more information on Afterpay’s upgrade, contact our support team:

Office: 1300 924 356