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A 6-month documentary!

iSonic take the mission overseas with the start of a 6-month documentary!

iSonic is now involved in the filming of a 6 month documentary starting from April 2009. The documentary covers Be A HERO Australia and what it takes to run an international aid organisation. Over the past year Be A HERO Australia have been working rigorously to fund and build a safe haven for children who would otherwise be trafficked for either child labour or used in the sex industry. During the filming trip the project was opened by the 2nd in command of Cambodia where 200 military personal, 100 local police officers and more than 2000 locals attended this community changing event.

iSonic was there with a production house from Melbourne to capture the event on film.Over the next 6 months iSonic will continue to work closely with Be A HERO Australia to build upon the documentary as well as work towards improving Be A HERO Australia’s online marketing and presence. The trip was incredible and life changing with up to 6 separate projects being visited every day.

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