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When you get your website built and hosted with iSonic there are some great advantages which you may not be taking advantage of which you may have forgotten about or not be aware of. In this blog, we wanted to cover some different aspects of what we offer in addition to website design which includes a mix of both free and paid services.

If you feel you are not getting enough value from your website, or you are ready to take your results to the next level, then perhaps you need to look at some of the below options to give it the kick start it needs to get noticed.

Free Training!

Since iSonic’s inception more than 10 years ago we have given FREE training to all our hosted customer’s since our very first client. At one of our first training sessions with us, this would include how to keep your website up to date with content management, slideshows, using your blog etc. However, we are more than happy to take your training to the next level with a heavier focus on SEO including tricks to better your ranking, understand your competition and some cool tools you can use to get the insight you need for maximum results. Some of these tips can also be found on the iSonic blog, however, we know its nice to get just the bits that apply to your scenario.

If you feel like you could do with a refresher, or would like to go through a few things with one of our friendly staff, then call our office to book in a time with us.

Brainstorming Sessions

Similar to our training we are also more than happy to help you solve your business problems with technology. Whether it is the age-old problem of growing your customer base, we can help with processes you can implement to push you up in search, social media or by other methods. Alternatively, you may be struggling with an internal recurring business processing issue that could be solved with technology. We can again brainstorm solutions with you that will automate this process, or give your staff an interface to improve that process and reduce errors. An example of this may be a CRM platform, internal ordering system, online project management platform, marketing automation, point of sale apps and back-end staff management.

We are always on the lookout for great platforms that help small business, so give us a shout with your issue and we’ll see what’s possible.

Traffic Generation & Conversion

Finally, iSonic also have the in-house knowledge to get more of the right eyes looking at your business. Whether it be Adwords and SEO, Email newsletters, social media marketing or SMS marketing, iSonic have a range of solutions available on hand to help build your traffic to your website, leads and ultimately conversions.

All of these services have varying levels of support from DIY software only, to a retainer-style service which gives the iSonic team a set amount of hours each month that we dedicate to your business success. We achieve this using a range of platforms that we use on our own business to improve its performance. 

If you want a dedicated team to help grow your business then call our office to arrange a time with our director Matt to discuss further.

If you want to catch up with one of our team members about any of these opportunities then contact iSonic for a free discussion – coffee included as always.

4 Ways to Build Credibility & Promote Growth

Especially true in service-based businesses, the way to a customer’s heart is by building credibility and promoting a culture of growth within your business.

There are many discussions, books and blogs on this topic, but to keep things simple we have got 4 easy to implement ideas that we use ourselves, which will help your business growing organically. These are certainly not new ideas, but are a good foundation to any business.

1. Asking for Referrals

When I talk to many business owners about how they find new customers, it is often via “word of mouth.” However when asked specifically how they promote this, the answer is usually something along the lines of “well, they just happen” or “we do such a good job, that customers tend to tell their friends.” This is a great position to be in, but let’s start doing a few simple things to take that side of your marketing to the next level.

Never be afraid to ask for your client’s referral. Asking for a referral from existing clients is an easy starting point. Although as business owners we know that referring is a great ‘gift’ from the referrer, sometimes customers need for it to be pointed out to them that you would like to receive business from their friends and contacts. It may also spark some ideas on potential contacts which they wouldn’t have otherwise. Satisfied clients of your business will generally be happy to refer you to other people. To help promote this, it is useful to have an initial agreement, promotion or ‘special gift’ on being referred before the service completes for example. This is one way of taking advantage of your client’s voice.

2. Testimonials (Positive Feedback)

Testimonials are a great way to gain trust and reliability between your business, and its customers. It is important to use testimonials from an appropriate and reliable source, who would positively relate to your new customers (ie. they are in the same target market ground that you are wanting to actually target). Be sure to choose quotes which describe the need and the solution to the customer. These can be shown through text, audio, or through video format. Using the right testimonials will help to convince your customers into purchasing your products/services.

QUICK TIP: Asking for positive feedback in public locations such as your Facebook page or Google Business Listing (as a review) is a great source of SEO juice – this is especially true with your Google Reviews and how your listing displays in Google Maps!

3. Dealing Negative Feedback Positively

Negative feedback does obviously take a hit on you personally and your business sometimes. Depending on how the feedback occurred, there are powerful ways to react to negativity around a project or product that was delivered unsuccessfully. If the remark is directed personally at you, it is probably better and more professional to ignore it.  However, if there is a problem in your business, addressing it, then solving the problem is the ideal way to go. Publicly fixing the problem is a great way to impress customers by showing professionalism and care for your customer’s observations and experiences. This is especially true if the feedback has come via Facebook, Google Reviews or other forms of social media.

Keep in mind that many customers, if not asked, won’t give you constructive criticism. Recently iSonic systemised in this idea, and now have client feedback forms that are delivered to customers on the launch of their website. To aid in conversion rate on this form we will often include a month’s free hosting or email marketing credited to their statement on completion. 

4. Client Case Studies

As a service-based business, it can be difficult to prove your worth before doing any work for a potential customer. Therefore it is absolutely critical to showcase your work in the best way possible. Typically we see alot of businesses having a “projects” page on their website where there can be 50+ projects shown. At iSonic, we typically recommend against this as it is often overwhelming and confusing to most customers. Also, your best work may be missed if it is mixed in with your other bread-and-butter (less inspiring) projects. Therefore, we always recommend having a handful of your best work that has been completed in the last 12 months. It should also give a brief outline of the project, the result of the project and ideally a comment from the customer. Some pretty pictures definately helps and company logo if your clients would be recognisable by your target market.

QUICK TIP: Having only pretty pictures is a good start, especially if you are an interior designer, however spending an extra few hours getting your best work with descriptions and overviews is a surefire way to build your credibility with potential customers browsing your website.

In closing

Try these simple improvements on your business by systemising them with your team and see if you see any difference over 1 month. Depending on your current relationship and client-base, you may be sitting on a gold-mine of referrals just waiting to be contacted.

How can iSonic help?

The majority of these ideas can be implemented internally through the backend of the website and systemising with the team. If you think your client case studies section needs a good overhaul, or you would like us to create a dynamic client feedback form for completed project – contact the iSonic team and we’ll let you know where to start.

Make your website sizzle in time for Summer!

Start planning now and you can have a sizzling website for Summer! A few small changes can bring your website to life, helping you retain customers and find new ones.

To start we suggest you update your content. Updating your website content encourages visitors to return regularly. You can do this by showcasing products, updating a blog, adding pictures or providing case studies.

Use social media: it’s a great way to drive traffic to your website and by including social media icons on your homepage, you’ll encourage people to keep in touch with your brand.

Facts about social media users in Australia – 2012:

  • 57% are female 43% are male
  • 46% are over 45 years of age
  • 22% are 35 – 44 years of age
  • 18% are 25 – 34 years of age
  • 14% are 13- 24 years of age
  • 57% college or university educated
  • 11% have incomes over $100,000
  • 47% have incomes $50,000 – $100,000
  • 27% of small businesses use social media
  • 34% of medium businesses use social media
  • 79% of large businesses use social media.

How Social Media benefits your business:

  • Increases SEO and ranking
  • Drives more traffic to your website
  • Is a cost-effective marketing tool
  • Offers instant customer service and feedback
  • Offers instant product and marketing updates
  • Raises brand awareness
  • Enables targeted advertising

Add a new feature: like a new haircut adding a new feature such as a slideshow to your homepage; immediately brings it to life. A slideshow grabs attention, showcases important information and can be a fresh navigation tool. It’s easily updated and another great way to keep customers coming back for more.

iSonic are offering two great deals so you can get set for summer:

1. Social Summer!
Free mockup of your social media pages if you were to go ahead with us, and 1 months free management on a 6-month management account.

Social Media Management:  $231inc setup + $220inc per month

2. Slideshow Splash!
Add a slideshow to your existing website with 4 slides included for $231inc. Update your existing slides for only $154inc. (normally $385 and $308 respectively).

For more information to go ahead with either of these offers, simply contact our office and mention the special you wish to go with before 1 Nov 2013.

Take your website to your contacts with email marketing

Your existing customers are at the heart of your business success. Today, customer retention is the new acquisition. Communication is the key to any good relationship and at iSonic we believe email marketing is an effective tool to earn repeat customers. Email marketing helps you identify clients who are open to doing business again and keeps you in touch with your client base.

Forget about postage stamps. Invest in email marketing to identify sales leads, improve your website traffic and customer relationships.

You may not like the idea of email marketing, your inbox sometimes gets flooded with unwanted marketing. But, your actions provide invaluable insight into your behaviour as a consumer. Why? Because you keep the emails that peak your interest. So, you’re easily identified as a customer who’s open to doing business again. Because of this, email marketing gives you the upper hand when it comes to identifying sales leads. It also gives you the opportunity to keep in contact with your client base and easily offer them special deals and keep them informed of upcoming events.

At iSonic, we can use your existing contact databases to create email newsletters to be sent at the click of a button.

As an added bonus we can provide real-time statistics tracking. This means that you can see clients who viewed your email, the time it was opened, links that were clicked on, and whether your message was sent onto others.

Making your business social with Connie

In a tough business environment, you need to look at fresh, simple ways for your business to make an impact. Engage with your audience. Utilise social media. Make no mistake, it’s here to stay. Platforms like Facebook are a great way to complement and drive traffic to your website.

One of our clients, Connie’s Magic Moments; has had great success using Facebook. With more than 6 million Australians checking their Facebook page every day and over 8 million subscribers, it pays to make sure you have a Facebook page that’s visually appealing and attracts customers.

If you haven’t ventured into the world of social media, here’s a simple analogy for Facebook. If your website is your online “shopfront”, then Facebook is the local coffee club, where people go to have a chat and discuss your . productBusiness owner Connie Lawson says that Facebook is a great way to link people to her website.

“It gives people a glimpse of what I do, they want to see more, so they follow links to my website,” she says.

Connie says that more often than not when people are asked how they found her website, they reply, “Facebook”.

“A lot of my clients are referrals. Facebook gives me the ability to reach so many more people from all walks of life.

“It adds value to my business and drives traffic to my website.

“The ability to constantly change images and provide information quickly about upcoming specials and events is invaluable.”

Don’t get stuck in a holding pattern!

Don’t get stuck in a holding pattern, use a landing page to increase conversions!

At iSonic we think landing pages are a great way to increase interest in your website. A landing page is a “new” web page that customers are pointed to through a special url.

How can it work for you? Let’s say you have an upcoming special, you can create a landing page – with content dedicated to your special – to draw visitors’ attention.

You can drive more customers to your landing page through Google advertising and you can see just how successful your campaign is by tracking your special url, it can even be used in print advertising to help measure success. You’ll be able to see how many people “landed” on your new page.

Pages like this can increase interest in your page and drive quality leads to your door. Here’s some great examples of landing pages local Brisbane businesses have used to push their marketing dollar further:

Using the theory:

If you don’t think this concept applies to you, and it may not, we suggest taking the notion of making every page on your site a landing page. At iSonic we make a habit of this internally and are currently working through each of our service pages to make them feel like they are home pages themsleves (for example check out our website design page). A potential customer landing directly on this page through a Google search result for example would be more likely to contact us. We are already seeing great results from our Google SEO and click through campaigns within our own business using this idea.

So why not go through your website with fresh eyes considering what a potential customer would be thinking had they arrived directly on a service page without going via the homepage. We would be happy to help you through this thought process and can offer suggestions to improve your site’s conversion rate.

Top advice on how to start your own business

Starting your own business is definitely an exciting and fulfilling experience! However, it can be intimidating if you don’t know what you are doing.

There are so many things that you have to do to be successful in your business. As a start-up it is important to gain new customers by drawing them in to your business. Then once you are established you’ll have an easier time selling your products/services to existing customers.

Here’s some steps to help:


Marketing research helps you to know what customers are looking for when shopping for your product/service. Knowing your customer needs is essential for gaining momentum for your business. This would come into play when marketing as first glances have to keep a viewer interested and engaged enough to become memorable.

For example, a company that manufactures lunchbox food for children (Referred to Smart Snacks in this story) would undertake research on their target market – being parents. They would most likely find that parents are focussed on “healthy,” “low cost,” and “great taste (sweet).”

Write what sells

Similar to newspapers, you don’t want to save the best ‘til last. To interest readers, give bold headlines straight away and sharp easy-to-understand introductions using keywords from your research. Point out the differences that your product/service has over your competitors.

Adding customer quotes and testimonials about your business/service, will strengthen your website and business’s reputation.

Give examples and prove to your customers on how your business is successful and unique, and why they should choose to become a client. Giving guarantees helps also if it is possible with your business model.

Going off the previous example, Smart Snacks may go with the following:

Fun healthy lunchtime snacks that won’t get thrown out.

Do you get frustrated with seeing expensive food products come back each day because your child doesn’t want to eat them? With Smart Snacks by your side, you can be sure that the fun healthy food will be munched on day in day out, and will give your child the nutritional value that they need to get the most out of the day.

“I was so happy to finally find a product that Johnny loves to eat. He doesn’t like sandwiches that got soggy, or the sugary treats that I normally see on the supermarket shelves. Thank-you Smart Snacks.”

Website Design

In today’s market, it is a necessity when beginning a new business to hit the ground running with a great sales-driven website. This is important as online sources are a fast and low-cost way to take your business to new customers. Social Media is also a great add-on to your online marketing strategy which will help create a community around your brand and promote referrals.

For example, Smart Snacks may wish to start off with a catalogue site that lists product information, with the intention of adding a shopping cart down the track. This is something that iSonic can help with. A social media campaign could also be set up whereby parents could send in pictures of their children eating the food in funny places etc.

Search Engine Marketing and Google Ranking

Once you have your new website, gaining ranks in the search engines (such as Google and Bing) is an effective way to get noticed by users looking for specific topics. Using keywords in your titles, and keywords in links, help to raise your website credibility for those terms and therefore heighten the site’s ranking in Google searches. Since Google’s search engine is a fair service, you are able to compete against the bigger brands.

For example, Smart Snacks would be on the same playing field as larger corporations like Sanitarium. Take advantage of this great opportunity and work hard to raise your website ranks on Google.

NOTE: All websites built by iSonic include training on how to manage your site, as well as optimising your site for Google. It is always a good idea to take advantage of this when you have such an easy to manage site at your fingertips.

When getting eCommerce Shopping Carts built, should we start small or go large from the get go?

This is an important question that should be asked at the inception of any business.

For most business start-ups, time is available, but money is tight – therefore it is better to start off small. A common mistake by start-up businesses is to get overwhelmed by the growing to-do list and focussing on the wrong responsibilities. They then ignore the most important steps of starting a business (e.g. Generating leads and sales should generally take up 80% of your time).

How many products should we start with?

This is a common question asked by online retailers – usually resellers of other branded products. Selling fewer products in the early stages of your business is generally the way to go. By completing market research and finding out what your target customer’s desire, you will determine what products you will sell quickly and easily. Rather than having a lot of products that you need to manage and keep track of, it is better to have fewer products resulting in more purchases and more streamlined business. As a general rule, 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your product offering. More info: Pareto Principle (80-20 rule).

Can you take advantage of other business’s customer networks?

Have you got access to an existing customer base/a customer network? If not, it may be an idea to find complimentary businesses that target similar people to your business but do not overlap with your product offering.

For example, if you were starting a florist or flower arrangement business, you could easily contact wedding planner who could refer your services. Building this relationship would make the wedding planner’s life a lot easier, and also help grow your business. As a general I do think it is a good idea to have your products/services discounted initially to get these great resources on board with your business (e.g. half price flower arrangement on the next wedding). Nurture these relationships and keeping your business moving through the slow times will become a breeze.

Hopefully now, you are even more excited about your new start-up and have some great ideas to help give it the push it needs. At iSonic, we work with businesses of all sizes daily and have garnished some great knowledge/ideas from how they grew. We are happy to share this knowledge with you, so feel free to set up a meeting – we’ll bring the coffee.

Are you getting noticed by your dream clients?

What are you doing to get noticed by your dream clients? Are you testing some different marketing techniques or simply waiting for a response?
Preparation is key. Be prepared to meet your dream clients, and ask yourself; would they be impressed with your services/products? Make sure everything is in perfect order and is presented in a perfect manner.

It’s important to know what you are striving for. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are your ideal clients?
  • How can they find you?
  • How can you find them?
  • How can they benefit from you?
  • How can you benefit from them?

Now that you’ve thought about these questions, you can now optimise your site and social media to make sure you are as prepared as you can be to impress potentiial clients.

Here are some tips that iSonic follows.

Create Great Quality Content
Having great quality content will impress your client – especially if content is regularly updated. Even though content writing can be take a lot of time out of your day, it is so worth that extra mile. Quality content is always highly regarded by your clients, and even customers.

Brand Message and Company Culture
To promote your business and make it stand out, have an obvious brand message that shines through your site and social platforms.

Get Testimonials From Your Customers
Don’t hide your awesome customer testimonials – let them shine! Presenting testimonials on your site will build the credibility, and prove to potential clients that the business is successful and trusted.

At iSonic – our clients mean everything to us. Getting to work with some of our greatest clients is such a rewarding experience. We can’t wait for new businesses to get on board! If you’d like more information on how you can get your dream clients call iSonic today.

iSonic launches Extreme Rolling!

iSonic launches Extreme Rolling into the online world facilitating the team to literally transform children’s lives giving them the ability to WALK…

A large chunk of the African children are born each year with clubfoot. A birth defect in which the child’s foot is turned in. Having this defect renders the child completely disabled from walking and for only $200 this can be prevented a young age.

Teaming up with Andreas (from our testimonials video) and his team we were able to build a site which is dynamic, informative and just plain cool to support them and the media they will attract during a 6-month journey through the middle of Australia.

The site, training and hosting have all been donated the cause with the ability for blogging, online donations, team news, and video gallery. It is one powerful site that we have no doubt will be used to the fullest.

A 6-month documentary!

iSonic take the mission overseas with the start of a 6-month documentary!

iSonic is now involved in the filming of a 6 month documentary starting from April 2009. The documentary covers Be A HERO Australia and what it takes to run an international aid organisation. Over the past year Be A HERO Australia have been working rigorously to fund and build a safe haven for children who would otherwise be trafficked for either child labour or used in the sex industry. During the filming trip the project was opened by the 2nd in command of Cambodia where 200 military personal, 100 local police officers and more than 2000 locals attended this community changing event.

iSonic was there with a production house from Melbourne to capture the event on film.Over the next 6 months iSonic will continue to work closely with Be A HERO Australia to build upon the documentary as well as work towards improving Be A HERO Australia’s online marketing and presence. The trip was incredible and life changing with up to 6 separate projects being visited every day.

If your organisation is looking for serious attention from a global minded business who takes the time to build result driven websites and email marketing campaigns,
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