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Disciplined Team Leaders

Team leaders have to manage and motivate the team. As creativity and motivation can quickly drain from your team members, workplace failure is inevitable. Statistics suggest that 97% of business professionals don’t positively cooperate in a collaborative environment.

Perhaps this may be an act of poor team leadership. It is proven that business teams work better when equally collaborating together. It’s no secret that we need to diminish workplace failures – and if we can do this by gaining a better understanding of how we positively collaborate, then why wouldn’t we change?

Leaders are rushed with more pressured tasks, therefore having less time to focus on their employee’s daily productivity. From this, I have noted simple disciplines that will educate team leaders in creating great workflow and a better working environment.

So, the question we have to ask is: how can we develop a simple plan that can dramatically improve the working rate between team members?

Ensure everyone is always learning

The great thing about collaboration – is collaborating. Learning new things is a great way to engage colleagues in new, stimulating work.

Spice things up!

Try to incorporate new approaches when working individually and collaboratively. As the manager, try distributing different work to your employers. This diverse workload encourages the team to remain attentive and interested. Keep in mind, similar to a diverse team, the team will prefer to work in different ways.

Challenge Everything

Push team members to question and challenge everything. By doing so, not only does it increase employee confidence, but also can improve your standard business methods. When challenging ideas, it is important to note that every statement is valid. Don’t interrogate the person, rather challenge the idea.

Just remember – you are competing with your company’s competitors, not your team members.

Take the time to focus on your team members, and make sure that they are all learning and working to the best of their ability.

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