Don’t get stuck in a holding pattern!

Don’t get stuck in a holding pattern, use a landing page to increase conversions!

At iSonic we think landing pages are a great way to increase interest in your website. A landing page is a “new” web page that customers are pointed to through a special url.

How can it work for you? Let’s say you have an upcoming special, you can create a landing page – with content dedicated to your special – to draw visitors’ attention.

You can drive more customers to your landing page through Google advertising and you can see just how successful your campaign is by tracking your special url, it can even be used in print advertising to help measure success. You’ll be able to see how many people “landed” on your new page.

Pages like this can increase interest in your page and drive quality leads to your door. Here’s some great examples of landing pages local Brisbane businesses have used to push their marketing dollar further:

Using the theory:

If you don’t think this concept applies to you, and it may not, we suggest taking the notion of making every page on your site a landing page. At iSonic we make a habit of this internally and are currently working through each of our service pages to make them feel like they are home pages themsleves (for example check out our website design page). A potential customer landing directly on this page through a Google search result for example would be more likely to contact us. We are already seeing great results from our Google SEO and click through campaigns within our own business using this idea.

So why not go through your website with fresh eyes considering what a potential customer would be thinking had they arrived directly on a service page without going via the homepage. We would be happy to help you through this thought process and can offer suggestions to improve your site’s conversion rate.