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iSonic launches Extreme Rolling!

iSonic launches Extreme Rolling into the online world facilitating the team to literally transform children’s lives giving them the ability to WALK…

A large chunk of the African children are born each year with clubfoot. A birth defect in which the child’s foot is turned in. Having this defect renders the child completely disabled from walking and for only $200 this can be prevented a young age.

Teaming up with Andreas (from our testimonials video) and his team we were able to build a site which is dynamic, informative and just plain cool to support them and the media they will attract during a 6-month journey through the middle of Australia.

The site, training and hosting have all been donated the cause with the ability for blogging, online donations, team news, and video gallery. It is one powerful site that we have no doubt will be used to the fullest.

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