Making your business social with Connie

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In a tough business environment, you need to look at fresh, simple ways for your business to make an impact. Engage with your audience. Utilise social media. Make no mistake, it’s here to stay. Platforms like Facebook are a great way to complement and drive traffic to your website.

One of our clients, Connie’s Magic Moments; has had great success using Facebook. With more than 6 million Australians checking their Facebook page every day and over 8 million subscribers, it pays to make sure you have a Facebook page that’s visually appealing and attracts customers.

If you haven’t ventured into the world of social media, here’s a simple analogy for Facebook. If your website is your online “shopfront”, then Facebook is the local coffee club, where people go to have a chat and discuss your . productBusiness owner Connie Lawson says that Facebook is a great way to link people to her website.

“It gives people a glimpse of what I do, they want to see more, so they follow links to my website,” she says.

Connie says that more often than not when people are asked how they found her website, they reply, “Facebook”.

“A lot of my clients are referrals. Facebook gives me the ability to reach so many more people from all walks of life.

“It adds value to my business and drives traffic to my website.

“The ability to constantly change images and provide information quickly about upcoming specials and events is invaluable.”