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iSonic launches Extreme Rolling!

iSonic launches Extreme Rolling into the online world facilitating the team to literally transform children’s lives giving them the ability to WALK… A large chunk of the African children are born each year with clubfoot. A birth defect in which the child’s foot is turned in. Having this defect renders the child completely disabled from […]

A 6-month documentary!

iSonic take the mission overseas with the start of a 6-month documentary! iSonic is now involved in the filming of a 6 month documentary starting from April 2009. The documentary covers Be A HERO Australia and what it takes to run an international aid organisation. Over the past year Be A HERO Australia have been working rigorously to fund […]

Turf It Up

Bare Foot Bowling Fund Raiser Event Mini-Website was created Mini-websites are the new kid on the block. It is a similar to the normal full-featured website package  that we offer, however we sit down and get full clarity on what the website’s point is and design a set of pages which are small in number […]

Be A HERO Launch Cutting Edge v-News Newsletter

iSonic have been desperately working on a completely online based e-Brochure system with a difference… The brochure actually talks to you while you watch (hence the term “v-Brochure”).Be A HERO Australia, keen to show their projects to donors in a more appealing emotional manner to the traditional email newsletter, was given a lifetime supply of […]

Helping Asia’s Most Desperate Communities

In 2007, iSonic’s owner Matt Jackson traveled to three separate orphanages surrounding Manila, Philippines to install and configure six computers and computer networks into the dormitories located there. The computers will open up a whole new world to the kids allowing them to use the Internet and increase their knowledge of the world that they […]

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