Take your website to your contacts with email marketing

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Your existing customers are at the heart of your business success. Today, customer retention is the new acquisition. Communication is the key to any good relationship and at iSonic we believe email marketing is an effective tool to earn repeat customers. Email marketing helps you identify clients who are open to doing business again and keeps you in touch with your client base.

Forget about postage stamps. Invest in email marketing to identify sales leads, improve your website traffic and customer relationships.

You may not like the idea of email marketing, your inbox sometimes gets flooded with unwanted marketing. But, your actions provide invaluable insight into your behaviour as a consumer. Why? Because you keep the emails that peak your interest. So, you’re easily identified as a customer who’s open to doing business again. Because of this, email marketing gives you the upper hand when it comes to identifying sales leads. It also gives you the opportunity to keep in contact with your client base and easily offer them special deals and keep them informed of upcoming events.

At iSonic, we can use your existing contact databases to create email newsletters to be sent at the click of a button.

As an added bonus we can provide real-time statistics tracking. This means that you can see clients who viewed your email, the time it was opened, links that were clicked on, and whether your message was sent onto others.