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Afterpay update causing eCommerce payment problems.

13 January, 2022
Do you know if Afterpay payments are still working on your website? A number of our clients have had troubles with the Afterpay payment gateway on their eCommerce website following a major update. Since the Afterpay update, many admins have been scrambling to make sure Afterpay is actively working on their site. As a preferred […]

A HUGE Google Update Is Coming: Make Sure Your Website Is User-Friendly!

20 May, 2021
Google is updating it’s algorithm in June … and this one is BIG! The focus of this update is ‘user experience’. For businesses, this means that if your website is user-friendly and fast, you’ll be rewarded by ranking higher in search results on Google and getting more web traffic. Who doesn’t want that? You might […]

iOS14 & The Data Privacy War: How the Apple vs FB feud affects you.

10 March, 2021
Now more than ever, consumers are conscious of the digital footprints they are leaving around the web. We’re all becoming increasingly aware of protecting our online privacy and the security of our sensitive information. Many have also become concerned about the data collected by the websites they visit.

Everything you need to know about the latest Google Ads Update

10 February, 2021
In February 2021, Google announced that it will be changing how the search engine triggers ads – in the biggest change to the platform in many years. In short – Google are changing the way in which keywords are targeted and changing the definitions of their match types. Say goodbye to your trusty ‘Broad Match […]

Getting Customers Through the Gate With ToFu (Top of Funnel) Marketing

29 October, 2019
The first time you saw the term “ToFu marketing,” you probably thought of ads for a vegan restaurant. While top of funnel marketing could do wonders for this type of business, it has positive, far-reaching effects for any organization that employs it. The truth is that companies often focus efforts exclusively on closing the sale, […]

How to Boost Sales With a Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

28 August, 2019
There’s a series of steps involved in turning prospects into a customer. You have your product or service. You got a snazzy website up and running. You even have a strong social media presence. All that is fine, but it’s not enough to sustain long-term business growth. Potential buyers who are unfamiliar with your brand […]

Franchise Digital Marketing Foundations

14 June, 2019
As a franchise you are part of a unique family of businesses which typically share the same pain points as other businesses but have the advantage of numbers – usually reserved to large corporate organisations. When franchise digital marketing is done consistently, right and across the entire family of territories the power of the group […]

How often should you update or redesign your website?

2 May, 2019
Your website is the face of your business, giving your clients, referrals and potential customers an understanding of what you offer and what your business is about. Your website typically serves as the first/second touch point after a referral, flyer, search or social media post. Therefore, it is a critical piece of the journey in […]

Disciplined Team Leaders

1 March, 2019
Team leaders have to manage and motivate the team. As creativity and motivation can quickly drain from your team members, workplace failure is inevitable. Statistics suggest that 97% of business professionals don’t positively cooperate in a collaborative environment. Perhaps this may be an act of poor team leadership. It is proven that business teams work […]

5 Simple Tricks to Gain More Customers with CRO

1 February, 2019
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a method of improving the performance of your website. Successful CRO is found when a high rate of customers performs an action that was originally intended by you. This could be signing up for a subscription service, enquiring about your business, or simply just to bring traffic flow to your […]