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Ongoing optimisation to traffic generation strategies & site conversion performance. 

Getting maximum value from your digital presence is key to business growth online.

Having an online presence is not enough in today's competitive environment. Your digital marketing tactics across web, socials and search need to be managed, reviewed and improved monthly.

Our programs take the complexity out of digital marketing and puts the stress of generating new business off you and onto our team. Our digital marketing is unique in that we have designed a 5 pillar structure that has proven results across a number of industries reigniting website performance and giving sustainable results long term with with constant monthly improvements.

When you choose iSonic, you can expect to work with a friendly, tight-knit team of experts each specialising in different facets of digital marketing. 

The Five Pillars of a
successful digital marketing program


Are you present on relevant online platforms? Do you stand out from the crowd with eye-catching content and brand culture.


Are you effectively measuring your current and future online performance by tracking hits, leads, and interactions? Are these being reviewed on a weekly or monthly basis?


Do all marketing material and online media's represent your brand effectively and engage with the target market?


Do you connect with your customers, partners and audience regularly? Are they replying and engaging with you on a regular basis?


Do you have social proof, showcasing your business with your latest and greatest projects, case studies and testimonials?

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The tools of the trade

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We won’t rest until you are ranking top of Google.

SEO remains one of the most valuable and cost effective way of generating traffic for your website over the long term, as the work completed initially and over the course of the program results in an exponential net benefit as the individual content items and optimisations made work together over the life of the website.

We focus on long tail phrase initially to get the quick wins and building the traffic, working our way up to the more difficult key phrases as we build credibility with the search engines. You can expect a monthly report detailing your rankings and movements over the previous period to be sure things are always moving in the right direction.

Paid Search Marketing (SEM)

Target specific gaps and opportunities in the market quickly with paid ads.

Finding potential gaps and opportunities in the market can be very rewarding as they have lower competition and therefore cheaper clicks. Mixing this with a targeting landing page and USP specifically worded to the readers can maximise your results in a short period of time.

SEM is a fast way of getting traffic and a great way to trial different ideas quickly. We recommend using this tactic especially when first kicking off a digital marketing program with the intention of building up the organic rankings over time and therefore lowering  spend required on paid ads.

Lead Magnets and Nurture Sequences

Give value to your prospects and nurture them to the point of sale.

Develop marketing material, gifts and promotional items to give to your potential customers in exchange for their details. We build automated systems with email, SMS and Facebook messenger to nurture them through the process of getting to know you, enquiring and then making the purchase.

Developing these free tools and giveaways can be built once, costs little to nothing to give away and can result in really growing the intake at the top of your sales funnel. For a real example of this in action – check out our lead magnet the FREE Digital Marketing Planner which has a nurture sequence attached when you download the file.

Social Marketing

Build a community around your brand, creating trust and promoting word of mouth.

Social marketing (paid and unpaid) can be a rewarding and potentially lucrative method to building your business if you get your strategy, advertising and execution right. The granular targeting available in the tech gives us/you the control to engage on a personal level and serves as a great tool to get potential customers flowing into your sales funnel.

Make sure your business is remembered with engaging advertisements, content and interactions.

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