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Franchise Marketing


Working with master franchises to foster growth and success.

Providing a regular, healthy and scalable flow of leads to your franchisees is crucial to their success as a business. This in turn will lead to your success in franchisee location growth. This responsibility often falls jointly on the master franchise and each location. Often it is head office getting the blame if things aren’t working out. Franchisees expect systems and processes to deliver their product/services as well as run their business and marketing is no exception.

That’s why we have a dual-structured relationship for head office and locations.  With head office we work to develop the overarching strategy, goals and tactics. With each location, we create a local SEO presence specific to their local target market

Core areas of franchise marketing

Succcessful franchise marketing wins over individual customers local to each franchisee as well as tie the entire group together as one powerful force in the marketplace.

Franchise Group Strategy and guidelines

Developing a sound strategy and execution calendar is the first step in creating a world class franchise marketing system.

Optimised local business listing/presence

Local search is a critical piece of effective franchise marketing to grow each location. Proper optimisation of maps, directories and SEO ensure each franchise shows prominently to online searchers in their respective areas.

Social marketing & review management

It’s time to stop ad hoc social media posting. Optimise franchisee social marketing to win over the hearts and minds of their local target market without wasting time better spent running the business.

Franchisee support network

We will support your franchisees until the bitter end. Expect a dead-easy backend CMS, unlimited training and support calls.

Local content support

Local content writing support, graphic design and customisation for each of your franchisees to market best to their local customers without straying outside the overarching franchise guidelines.

Systemise your success

Creative solutions that improve internal processes including staff training systems, shared knowledge base, internal franchise communication systems plus much more.

Recent franchise success stories

FAQ: How does it work?

We structure our solutions with two main stakeholders in mind – you, the master franchise owner (a single entity or major territories) and the individual franchisee. Our primary client is the master franchise owner(s) who we first create the strategy and execution plan. This is then jointly communicated out to the franchise network at which point iSonic talks directly to each of the locations to plan, implement and uphold the franchise marketing guidelines. 

Invoicing for our work is also done in a similar manner and is structured to best suit the organisation. We find the best results come from a top down strategy where the master franchise is guiding the conversation and strategy, and the costs are invoiced directly to each location by iSonic as part of a marketing fund minimizing impact on your business.

FAQ: What is your pricing?

Each and every franchise marketing agreement is personalised to your organisation’s individual requirements. This may be a set amount for a one off piece of work such as a national website redesign, or may include ongoing support services such as hosting, digital marketing and SEO for each franchisee.

After our first discovery meeting (15 minute phone call) you can expect a detailed proposal outlining our plan, costs and ETAs for your project which we present in person or via video call. We are in Brisbane, so love a face-to-face discussion.

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