Avatar Business Consulting


  • Complete Website Conversion to Joomla
  • Custom Coded Client Area with App Dashboard
  • Custom Coded financial reporting system with submission platform
  • PHP-based automation of complex calculations performed on data
  • Reporting app for both client financials and website admin backend

The Brief

Being a management consulting business for major franchises around Australia and abroad, Avatar required a complete and flexible backend system that incorporated their proprietary complex finance calculations and automatically applied to user finance data submitted by their clients directly.

Being a company that promoted excellence from all of their clients it was imperative that iSonic mirrored this into the Avatar website with a user-friendly and reliable design.

The Result

iSonic was able to deliver on the project in the required timeframe. The website's front end had the same look and feel of the original but had a new members area that allowed for client financial data to be entered and stored in the custom database. Avatar users also gain access to their App Dashboard, which provides them with different subscription-based applications, profile management and finance reporting. Avatar staff also have access to add new Apps into the backend and apply different reports to different users based on what packages are subscribed to.

After the initial upgrade and app design, Avatar and iSonic continue to work closely to build even more complex and useful apps for the Avatar client-base. Avatar continues to grow their business based on their high-detail customer service and these powerful web apps.


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