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Search Engine Optimisation 101:

Have you, like many people, heard of the term SEO – Search Engine Optimisation - and scratched your head? SEO is not a buzz word, it's a tool which is pivotal to the success of your business.

As one of Brisbane's leading web design firms we make it our priority to help clients understand the value of SEO and how it can be implemented on your site.

Whether it's search engines like Google, Firefox or Yahoo, in layman's terms, SEO – Search Engine Optimisation - simply means making your web pages easier for a search engine to find.

When delivered by professionals, SEO can elevate your business to the top of the pile, so customers can find you easily – and come knocking at your door (or website)!

A good SEO service will do a number of things, they'll encompass geo targeting and broad phrase matching for the generic terms of your business.

Scratching your head?

Broad phrase terms, are words that people may associate with your business, for instance, in iSonic's case, people may search for terms like "web design", or "email marketing".

Geo-targeting, means zeroing in on your business location, so using a combination of keywords like "Plumbing Brisbane" or "Electrical Repair Brisbane". It's really important that relevant keywords are identified and used in your website content to make your business easy to find.

What is the right price to pay for SEO?

The truth is, it depends on your business. SEO is not like flicking a switch and suddenly it works. It takes time, and depending on how quickly you want results the cost will change. Included in all of our site training, we discuss the major topics surrounding SEO and what you can do as a business owner and website admin to best achieve traffic for your website.

If you would prefer iSonic to take the reigns and give your site a regular SEO boost, we do have plans starting from 5 hours per month. If you have an underperforming website and would like one of our team to arrange a quote please contact us.

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